Cà Phê Sua before my first shift at Master’s Cup Coffee House in Ho Chi Minh City!
I got a white mocha this morning at Charlie Brown Café! :D Now I’m all set for the flight to Vietnam! (at Incheon International Airport)
Mail traveling to: Texas and Washington State
Mushroom soybean stew! And yes, I also tried those sides.
I’m waiting for my food. In South Korea. :D
Yet another coffee, this time a classic Cà Phê Sua. Plus an avocado croissant sandwich. (at Cà phê Phin)
What better way to enjoy a summer day before traveling to Vietnam than having a Cà Phê Sua Frappé? [: (at Cà phê Phin)
Mail traveling to: United Kingdom
Incoming mail from: Germany
All packed and ready to go to Vietnam!