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[Note: If you want a free Graze box, just enter in this code: QPD5DQKFB—and then cancel after receiving the first box!)
Incoming mail: COFFEEIf you go to Amora Coffee, they have a free offer. Now, unfortunately it’s not entirely free—you pay $1 for shipping and handling. But! With this you get your pick of one out of four different blends of coffee. They’ll send you a half pound of this coffee, ground or whole bean, plus a silver coffee spoon.If you do this, just remember to call after receiving your coffee to cancel the home delivery. Otherwise you’ll get 2 pounds of coffee shipped to you in the coming weeks with a not-so-great charge to your credit/debit card.Be sure to check this out, especially if you love coffee! 
Incoming mail from: Italy
The dentist said to watch what I eat and drink, so I grabbed a hazelnut macchiato and vegetable & fontiago breakfast sandwich at Starbucks.
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